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May, 2023

Client and The Problem

Wanted a way to manage your golf data, improve analytics and have fun betting with friends.

Our client is a dynamic startup, founded by passionate golf enthusiasts with a vision to revolutionize the way golfers interact with the game. They envisioned creating an all-in-one golf app that integrates multiple features tailored to improve and track player performance while also facilitating friendly betting on various game modes. Recognizing that golf is as much a social activity as it is a sport, they sought to create an app that could enhance both aspects seamlessly. The client's ultimate ambition was to offer a comprehensive golfing experience that caters not only to individual skill development and tracking but also to the competitive and social elements of the game. This unique blend of features, they believed, would serve to enrich the overall golfing experience, making each round more engaging, challenging, and enjoyable.

Among the key challenges we faced was the intricate process of mapping out every golf course. This feature was integral to our app, as it was crucial for tracking the trajectory of the golf ball and providing users with a comprehensive view of the course. It required a considerable amount of data collection, processing, and accurate visual representation, a task that was both complex and time-consuming. Additionally, we needed to integrate our app with Apple Watch to provide real-time recommendations on the most optimal club to use based on the player's current position and situation. This involved sophisticated calculations and data analysis, combining factors like distance, wind speed, player skill level, and more. Furthermore, we faced the task of programming numerous game modes for friendly betting. Each game mode needed to have clear rules, fair scoring mechanisms, and easy-to-use betting interfaces, making this a multi-faceted challenge. These elements required careful planning and extensive testing to ensure a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

The project was completed after 6 month.

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