Computer Vision


February, 2023

Client and The Problem

Sims Recycling Solutions faced the challenge of reducing errors during the intricate disassembly process, where components must be removed accurately from motherboards. Human oversight could lead to inefficiencies and rework, costing time and resources.


To tackle this challenge, we engineered a cutting-edge AI system driven by computer vision technology.

Precision Detection: The AI system employs advanced computer vision algorithms to analyze the disassembly process. It can accurately detect whether a component has been successfully removed from the motherboard.

Automated Guidance: If a component removal is incomplete, the AI system intervenes. It guides the technician with real-time instructions, ensuring the task is completed accurately.


Our collaboration has yielded remarkable outcomes:

Error Reduction: The AI system's meticulous monitoring significantly reduces instances of incomplete component removal, elevating operational accuracy.

Enhanced Efficiency: Technicians benefit from real-time guidance, streamlining the disassembly process and minimizing rework.

Resource Savings: Sims Recycling Solutions experiences reduced rework, optimizing resource utilization and overall productivity.

Technological Advancement: This pioneering solution underscores Sims Recycling Solutions' commitment to innovation and operational excellence.

The project was completed after 3 months.

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