Real Estate Lead Generation SAAS


May, 2021

Client and The Problem

Quali connects Real Quality Qualified Leads with top-performing agents.

Our client wanted to build a platform to help real estate agents generate new leads, manage them and follow up with them in an easy and effective way.

He approached us with a rough idea of what he wanted, and we consulted him on the technicalities until we arrived at the clear and viable scope for the MVP.

Our client had reached out to many other developers before us, but none were able to do what they asked for and they had a partially built product.

From there we helped him build out a fully automated lead gen system that automatically follows up with the leads. We then implemented machine learning to automate the ranking and assigning of leads to available agents.

We also built a live phone transfer system where cold callers can automatically live transfer to the appropriate agent to continue the sales process.

The project was completed after 1 month.

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