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Mar, 2023

Client and The Problem

Give realtime news a chance to be reported without going through mainstream media.

Our client is a pioneering startup that aims to redefine the landscape of news reporting. Recognizing the shortcomings and gatekeeping tendencies of traditional mainstream media, they envisioned a platform that empowers ordinary people to report real-time news authentically. This revolutionary concept seeks to democratize journalism, providing a space for everyday individuals to take on the mantle of journalists and monetize their efforts. By emphasizing authenticity, they aspire to present news in its raw, unfiltered state, thereby enhancing the diversity of narratives and perspectives presented. This innovative initiative has the potential to not only challenge established media norms but also to create a vibrant and more inclusive news ecosystem where truth and authenticity are prioritized.

One of the primary challenges in our endeavor was navigating the unfamiliar terrain of implementing cryptographic libraries to mint Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Given the novelty of the technology, there was a steep learning curve to ensure its successful implementation. Additionally, we needed to ensure the platform was cost-effective, which meant finding innovative ways to keep video hosting costs low without compromising the quality or reliability of the service. Another critical aspect was to maintain the platform's focus on breaking news while avoiding non-newsworthy content such as random cat videos. This required creating a robust and intelligent filtering mechanism that could distinguish between consequential news and irrelevant content. Furthermore, upholding a sense of honesty and contribution was paramount. We strived to build a platform that not only encouraged participation but also nurtured an ethical community where users respected the platform's mission of delivering real-time, authentic news. This holistic approach was indeed challenging, but it was crucial in creating an ecosystem that could revolutionize how news is shared and consumed.

The project was completed after 2 month.

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