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June, 2023

Client and The Problem

Client had hard time finding a competent development team to execute on his idea with gambling rules.

Our client is an accomplished university professor with a distinct expertise in sports betting, who previously engaged his audience via Patreon. However, recognizing the limitations of Patreon in fulfilling his ambitions, he envisioned owning an application that would provide an all-in-one solution to his endeavors. This startup ambition wasn't just about a platform switch; it was about creating a bespoke environment that could cater to his unique needs and those of his audience. The client wanted to deliver comprehensive and expert insights into sports betting, combining his academic rigor with his passion for sports. The objective was to create an app that could seamlessly integrate content delivery, audience interaction, subscription management, and more, thereby offering an enhanced user experience far beyond the capabilities of his current Patreon platform.

Among the key challenges we faced was navigating the delicate relationship with third-party service providers, as gambling-related content often falls under scrutiny and may be subject to restrictions. It was crucial to ensure that the client's content didn't cross any boundaries, and this required a deep understanding of each provider's policies, coupled with a careful content strategy that delivered value without provoking unwanted complications. Additionally, we faced the task of designing a user experience that would appeal to his existing users and followers. It was vital to create a platform that was not only functional but also intuitive and engaging, considering the audience was already accustomed to the Patreon environment. This meant we had to consider familiarity and ease of use, while introducing new features and enhancements that would make the switch worthwhile for his users. Balancing these factors to create an enjoyable and seamless user experience was indeed a demanding yet essential part of our project.

The project was completed after 3 month.

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