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May, 2023

Client and The Problem

Wanted to help streamer make more money from donations as tiktok was taking 70% of their profit. Streamers wanted to be platform agnostic as well.

Our client is in the media entertainment sphere that had identified a significant challenge facing streamers and influencers. The company was conceived in response to the prevalent inequity in profit sharing on platforms like TikTok, where streamers are losing up to 70% of their donation revenue. They initially came to us with little more than business connections and a rudimentary sketch of their concept, but a strong will to effect change. The startup aspires to create a platform-agnostic ecosystem that allows streamers and influencers to keep a higher share of their earnings and safeguards them against abrupt income loss due to potential platform bans. This ambitious initiative aims to reshape the creator economy, ensuring that the hard work of content creators is rewarded more equitably, providing a robust safety net to support their creativity and freedom.

One of the significant hurdles we encountered was the development of an intuitive yet secure user interface, one that would allow users to easily send 'luv' tokens to others. It was critical that the design be accessible and user-friendly to promote widespread use, yet robust enough to thwart potential abuse and maintain a high level of platform integrity. This required innovative thinking, careful planning, and rigorous testing to strike the perfect balance between usability and security. Additionally, we were confronted with the challenge of maneuvering around Apple's strict in-app purchase regulations. These rules, while designed to maintain a secure and fair ecosystem, could have potentially hampered our client's profitability. We realized we needed to design a creative solution that could enable our client to maintain a profitable business model while still adhering to Apple's guidelines. This involved a deep understanding of the rules and a thoughtful approach to designing our revenue structure, ensuring we could generate sufficient income without compromising our commitment to Apple's platform standards.

The project was completed after 3 month.

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