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Dec, 2023

Client and The Problem

Wanted a marketplace to authenticate vintage T-shirts with collaboration of the community and experts. as well.

Our client is called Legiteem8, the pioneer in the niche of vintage t-shirt authentication. Venturing into uncharted territories, they sought to revolutionize the world of vintage fashion with their unique application. The concept of Legiteem8 extends beyond mere authentication - it also embraces the essence of community participation. Aspiring to bring an unprecedented solution, the startup designed an app where users can upload pictures and essential data about a vintage t-shirt they wish to authenticate. The real magic, however, lies in the social aspect of Legiteem8 - the community's collective wisdom and passion for vintage fashion play an integral role in the authentication process. This unique approach not only assures accuracy and trust but also encourages engagement, creating a strong bond among vintage t-shirt enthusiasts worldwide.

One of the major challenges we faced involved implementing the use of nascent cryptographic libraries to mint NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This technology was not just new to us but to the world, presenting us with the daunting task of pioneering an uncharted field. Yet, this challenge didn't stop at the minting process; we also needed to find a way to manage Ethereum's notorious gas fees. These transaction fees could significantly increase costs, reducing our ability to offer a cost-effective solution to our users. In our quest to overcome these obstacles, we also prioritized maintaining the high value and authenticity of the certificates generated. Each one was to represent a vintage t-shirt's unique identity and history, making it crucial that they remained indisputably authentic. Given the novelty of the cryptocurrency space, integrating all these elements presented an array of challenges. However, through tenacity, continuous learning, and problem-solving, we were determined to hook everything up and deliver a revolutionary product.

The project was completed after 6 month.

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