Times Are Changing

As of 2019, more businesses are being supported by internet software than ever before.
As such, they will subscribe to various off the shelf solutions to fulfill their daily operations.
Unfortunately, you notice that instead of solving your problems,
they require you to make compromises and
end up costing you more than your original investment.

Here at Manaknight Digital we have a solution for you.

We are Software Technology Consultants that listen to your unique business problems and come up with unique software solutions that fits all your needs without compromise.

Here's what we'll do for you:
  • We operate on Eastern Standard Timezone
  • We will always talk to you in plain English. No technical jargon.
  • Our team possesses the technical know-hows to build software that fits your unique business needs
  • We educate your team on how to use the software with our easy to understand video guides
  • We analyze what your business truly needs from a technical standpoint and never sell you software you won't need
  • We make sure that all your technical problems are fixed and not passed along to the next developer
  • We will collaborate with your 3rd party software vendors and reach a resolution
  • If your company is missing key software to help your business, we will point it out
  • We are on your side

Book a discovery call with us now and let's see how we can help solve your technical problems today.

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Our Services

Web Application Development
Mobile App Development
Custom Software as a Service
Integration with 3rd party vendors
Task Automation
Enterprise Product Development

Our Clients

Our Featured work

Custom Website

Godwin Chan Election 2018

During the 2018 municipal election, we helped Incumbent Richmond Hill Councilor Godwin Chan design and develop his website in preparation for the election. We worked very closely with his campaign team to optimize it to get more engagement from voters.

Mobile App Development

Bynmix App

We helped Bynmix a startup create their social discovery marketplace mobile application catered to fashionistas, bloggers, and designers. Users can browse, buy and make offers on different clothing. We worked closely with their design team and offered suggestions to improve customer experience.

Enterprise Product Development


We helped Elicsis launch the very first Dominican Republic restaurant catering platform to let users browse order local catering options online. We worked closely with local business development team to find out the optimal way to structure the platform to fit the needs of the locals.

Software Integration with 3rd party vendors

The Wellness Enterprise

The Wellness Enterprise is an eCommerce store selling structured water. They had a lot of trouble getting complex functionality implemented by previous software vendors and spending thousands of dollars with no end in sight. After we got onboard, we cut spending by 80% and all their technical issues are resolved.

Book a discovery call with us now and let's see how we can help solve your technical problems today.

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